March 22, 2021

This dream opens with it being warmer weather. There are leaves on the trees. I hear sounds close to me and in the distance, the sounds of cries and great sorrow. The atmosphere is saturated with people grieving.

I do not understand their grief. It is then I receive information. Those who had taken the vaccination some months before were now experiencing great affliction. They were all having organ failure and were dying. Their being told of their dying happened in cells equivalent to the time or day many others had taken the vaccine.

A mother was standing near to me with four children and they were all crying. I was broken by their great distress, but uncertain of what I should do to help them. At the same time, I was experiencing some anger because it all could have been preventable. Sometimes, people choose death. I cannot change their wrong choices. I asked the LORD: “What shall I do?”

Then I made the commitment to help the mother and her children. She may die before her children and they would need someone there. I could at least wash their clothes and keep their house clean; and at their deaths do the necessary calling to other family members and to have their bodies removed.

As I am speaking to her, I receive a call from my mother (deceased 2014). She tells me that my brother is in the hospital and he is dying from having taken the vaccine. He is, also, experiencing organ failure.

I became conflicted, because I had just promised this mother that I would help them. I thought I should go visit him before he died. Then I remembered that he would not be permitted to have visitors because of COVID. He will die alone. This freed me to give assistance to this family. End.