“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Here is some information that will familiarize you with the spirit of the antichrist. We are to avoid it. 

What is the spirit of antichrist?

When people are asked this, they often reply that it is a person, or a people, that oppose God; and may add it is a person who would call himself God. This spirit can be subtle, like replacement theology (supplants Israel), it attempts to be a substitute, it seeks to supplant God. It promotes itself above God and His purposes, or His will. The Renewed Testament gives us some examples of the understanding the first century believers had concerning it. Their understanding what is NOT of God came from their intimate knowledge of the Hebrew Bible. Their foundation being all the Word which is the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings (TaNaKh). Yeshua most often pointed to the Law and the Prophets. 

In the first century, I know I keep saying this, but there was no REnewed Testament. Yeshua, His apostles, God-fearers, leaders, bishops, prophets, teachers, and evangelists all used the TaNaKh, what is called the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. TaNaKh is an acronym for Torah (Teachings/Guidance), Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). Their direction for practicing righteousness and justice came from the Torah and the Prophets. 

When Paul said all Scripture is God-inspired, he was speaking of the TaNaKh. 

All Scripture is God-inspired and useful for teaching, for reproof, restoration, for training in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16, One New Man Bible

We are most fortunate to have the Renewed Testament because it looks back at the TaNaKh that testifies of Yeshua. This is what He spoke to two people traveling to Emmaus: And beginning with Moses and with all the Prophets He explained to them with all the writings concerning Himself. Luke 24:27, One New Man Bible

So, all first century believers used the TaNaKh as the foundation for determining, or measuring, who would be teaching error. Yeshua agreed with the TaNaKh. He did not agree with man-made rituals and traditions of the elders (oral law) that added (fences to protect the statutes, ordinances, commandments) to His Teachings, because added rituals or commandments did not agree with the TaNaKh. These additions were burdensome to practice. The Teachings of the Torah were not and are not burdensome to those who prefer to fear YHVH, and practice righteousness and justice.

Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of New Testament and Old says: antichristos means “antichrist.” While there are references in the gospels to “false Christs and false prophets” (Mt. 24:24; Mk. 13:22), only John actually uses the word antichristos. The prefix “anti” before “Christ” denotes either someone who is “against” Christ or someone who claims to be a messiah “instead of” Christ; both of these essentially mean the same thing. “Many antichrists” were around in John’s day (I Jn. 2:18); they began in the church but then left it. They taught false teachings about Christ—in John’s day, they denied that Jesus came in the flesh (2:22; 4:2-3; 2 Jn.7). But anyone in any era who teaches doctrines about Christ that are not in conformity with Scripture follows this spirit of antichrist. 

Yeshua followed the commandments/mitzvot/Torah of His Father, and it is our duty, if we are truly disciples of Yeshua, to do the same. Yeshua did not abolish the Torah. This is a false accusation against Him and those who say the Apostles abolished the Torah. The Greek manuscripts did not make a distinction between the oral laws of the elders and the Torah, the same word nomos was used for both. One would have to have some historical and religious knowledge to know which was one being referred to in the epistles.

What we are now seeing are the gnostic teaching (errors) of the ancients resurfacing. One would think reading the epistles people would realize, or, at least do research on the teachings of their church leaders. There is nothing new under the sun. Whatever has been done is being done once more. The thing that has been, it is that which will be, and the that thing which is done is that which will be done and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

What I see in churches and on social apps are the reemerging of the teachings of error that were confronted by Paul and the other apostles. This is apostasy according to the teachings of Paul, when sound doctrine is no longer practiced. 

There are leaders who are not making a distinction between the clean and unclean. The TaNaKh (Hebrew Bible) makes that distinction, but these leaders and teachers have become vessels used for the promotion of unclean things, and dismissing the foundation of Christianity which are the Torah Teachings. They have abolished the Torah Teachings even though Yeshua was not even able to do that.

What has the Father to say concerning these wolves in sheep’s clothing?

There is a conspiracy of her prophets in their midst, like a roaring lion tearing its prey. They have devoured people. They have taken the treasure and precious things. They have made many widows in their midst. Her priests have violated my Torah and have profaned my holy things. They have put no difference between the holy and the profane, neither have they taught the difference between the unclean and clean, and have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths, and I am profaned among them. Her princes in their midst are like wolves tearing their prey, to shed blood. To destroy lives to get dishonest gain. And her prophets have daubed themselves with whitewashed, seeing vanity and divining lies to them saying, Thus says Adonai the LORD, when the LORD has not spoken. The people of the land has used oppression and exercised robbery and have vexed the poor and needy. Ezekiel 22:26-27. One New Man

Woe to those who call bad, good and good, bad, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight! Woe to those who are mighty to drink wine and men of strength to mix strong drink, who justify the wicked for reward and take away the acts of loving kindness of the righteous from him.

Therefore as the fire devours the stubble and the flame consumes the chaff, so their root will be as rottenness and their blossom will go up as dust because they have cast away the Torah (Teaching) of the LORD of Hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 5:20-24. One New Man

Yeshua issued a message to the church of Thyatira, those who continued to practice idolatry would be thrown in a sick bed (some translations prefer coffin, but the idea is death) of violent illness and the disciples of this idolatress would be put to death (eternal death).  

The antichrist spirit does away with the Teachings of God, and we are not to take away from the Word. Deuteronomy 4:2

It is distressing to hear people say obedience is not a requirement when Yeshua taught that it was important. What made Yeshua perfect so that sin and disease could not touch Him? 

If you would keep My commandments, you will dwell in My love, just as I have kept the commandments of My Father and I dwell in His love. John 15:10, One New Man

Because Yeshua followed the Teachings of His Father (Torah Teachings are the Tree of Life) flawlessly, He ate from the Tree (Torah) and lived. The Accuser had nothing in common with Yeshua, and so no accusation could be made against Him. There was no opportunity for disease, or dysfunction, to touch His life. John 14:30

He was obedient to the Torah Teachings so that it would go well with Him.

As it says: 

Be careful to listen to all these words which I commanded you, so it may go well with you and your children after you forever, when you do what is good and right in the sight of the LORD your God. Deuteronomy 12:28

God cut off the Accuser before Yeshua. Yeshua was tested, yes, and He did not fail. He did die, yes; not because of any sin He had practiced, but for the sins, iniquities, and transgressions of others. 


It is a tree of life to those who lays hold on it and happy is everyone who retains it. Proverbs 3:18

If anyone teaches another message than what is written, that person is an antichrist.

If someone teaches a different doctrine and does not go in sound doctrine with those of our Lord Yeshua Messiah and in teaching that promotes Godliness, he has become puffed up, since he knows nothing, but has a morbid craving for controversies and disputes, out of which come envy, strife, blasphemies, evil suspicions. I Timothy 6:3, One New Man

The above verse goes on to speak of those who use their position of leadership for financial gain. This is an antichrist spirit, also, because it is not about promoting Godliness—but gain. We cannot serve Mammon and God. 

False prophets are antichrists, they lead us away from God. The antichrist wants you to look at him, and he does not provoke anyone to Godliness.

Matthew 24:24

For false messiahs and false prophets will be raised and they will give great signs and wonders in order to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. One New Man

I John 2:18

Children, it is the last hour, and just as you heard that anti-Messiah is coming, even now many anti-Messiahs have come, from which we know that this is the last hour. They went out from us but were not really of us: for if they had been of us, then they would have remained with us: but so that they would be revealed because they are not of us. 22. Who is the liar, except the one who denies for himself by saying that Yeshua is not the Messiah? This one is the anti-Messiah, the one who denies the Father and the Son. Everyone who denies the Son does not have the Father, the one who confesses the Son also has the Father. 

I John 4:3

Beloved, do not believe every spirit but you must continually try the spirits to see if they are from God, because many false prophets have come out into the world. 2. You can know the Spirit of God by this: every spirit that declares that Y’shua Messiah has come in the flesh is from God, 3. And every spirit that does not acknowledge Y’shua is not from God: and this is the anti-Messiah, the one that you have heard is coming, and now he is already in the world. 

The antichrists in the days of the apostles said that Yeshua did not come in the flesh, this is known as Docetism. They taught that His body was either absent or illusory. Two varieties were widely known. In one version, as in Marcionism, Christ was so divine that he could not have been human, since God lacked a material body, which therefore could not physically suffer. Jesus only appeared to be a flesh-and-blood man; his body was a phantasm. Other groups who were accused of Docetism held that Jesus was a man in the flesh, but Christ was a separate entity who entered Jesus’ body in the form of a dove at his baptism, empowered him to perform miracles, and abandoned him upon his death on the cross.

Docetism – Wikipedia

 2 John 7

Because many deceivers have come out in the world, those who do not confess that Y’shua Messiah has come in the flesh: this person is the deceiver and the anti-Messiah. One New Man

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Concerning the coming of our Lord Y’shua Messiah and our assembling with Him we would ask you, brothers, 2. for you not to be quickly shaken in your mind and not to be frightened, either through the spirit or through a word, or through a letter supposedly from us, saying that the Day of the Lord has already come upon us. 3. let no one deceive you in any way. Because when the apostasy would come first, then the man of lawlessness, the son of destruction, would be revealed. 4. He is the one who opposes Torah (Teaching) and exalts himself upon every Godly saying or object of worship, and thus seats himself in the Sanctuary of God, proclaiming himself, that he is God. (Ezek. 28:2) 5. Do you not remember that while I was still with you I was saying these things to you? 6. And you now know Him, the One Who restrains, the One to be revealed in His own time. 7. For the mystery of the one without Torah (Teaching) is already at work: while only He is restraining him at the present time until he would come out from among you. 8. And then the one without Torah (Teaching) will be revealed, whom the Lord Y’shua will destroy by the breath of His mouth and will abolish by the appearance of His coming, 9. whose coming is through the efficiency of the works of Satan with great power and false signs and wonders 10. and in every unrighteous deception for those who are being destroyed, because they did not accept the love of the truth for them to be saved. 11. And because of this God sends them a working of deception so they would believe in the lie, 12. so that all those would be judged who did not believe in the truth, but took pleasure in unrighteousness. One New Man Bible

The Word gives us enough information to detect the antichrist spirit in churches, in politics, military, in world agencies (WHO, WEF, UN, NATO, etc.), in governments of the nations, etc. I would think it is very basic, it loathes the Word of God, that spirit works against Messiah and seeks to degenerate His person, it loathes not just Christians (for we know there are many churches who practice deviancy, rebellion, greed, perversion), but those Christians who desire to practice the Word of God—those who practice obedience, those who pursue holiness (Hebrews 12:14). Anyone can say they are a Christian, but those who practice righteousness and justice are the true children of God.

Those who reject the Hebrew Bible are antichrists. The first century religious sects rejected Messiah and His correct interpretation of Torah—they were antichrists; their oral traditions supplanted/replaced the Word of God. They would have accepted Him if He had practiced their oral teachings, which was another path to God. Not all paths, or religions, lead to God. The only Way to God is through His Son, through repentance, and obedience to His Teachings. Today, as then, this is offensive to the rebellious. It was offensive to the Temple sects.

The antichrist spirit is in the church, because it teaches disobedience; and the letters to the churches in Revelation reveal this. All five churches were castigated for practicing some kind of sin. The church of Ephesus was told it would have its lamp/menorah removed if it would not do the works (it does not say anything about grace) it did at first.

If works of obedience were not important then the church of Pergamum, and Thyatira would have slid by judgment. However, Yeshua said He would fight them with the Word of His mouth, and the disciples of the false prophetess in Pergamum would experience death. He called them to repentance. 

On social media the consistent pattern of teaching is only grace, and the whole Word supports grace; but these posters act like it is only a New Testament experience. Yet we know Noah found grace in God’s sight. Lot experienced grace, as well as Israel had in Egypt. Yay for grace, but grace is given so that one will begin to live in obedience to His Teachings. It can take a lifetime for those who say they follow Messiah to show some kind of obedience to His Teachings. Messiah taught works: 

Your light must now shine like this before all mankind, so that they would see your good deeds and they would glorify your Father, the One in the heavens. 

Do not think that I came to do away with, or to bring an incorrect interpretation to, the Torah or the Prophets. I did not come to do away with but to bring spiritual abundance, for the Torah (Teaching) to be obeyed as it should be and God’s promises to receive fulfillment.

For truly I say to you: until the sky and the Earth would pass away, not one yod or one vav would ever pass away from the Torah (Teaching), until everything would come to pass. 

Therefore, whoever would break one of the least of these commandments, and would teach people this way, will be called least in the Kingdom of the Heavens: but whoever would do the commandments and would teach them, will be called great in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

For I say to you that unless your righteousness (not talking about grace) would be present in abundance more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you could not enter the Kingdom of the Heavens. Matthew 5:16-20. One New Man

The antichrists, and there is an abundance of them, are teaching it is only your body that commits iniquities, it does not affect your relationship with God, and you get a free pass to heap on yourself more degeneracy. Why did Yeshua go to the punishment of severe beatings, whipping, and crucifixion if humankind can stay in their sin? It is ludicrous. The antichrist has already taken up residence in their temple. There is no need to wait for a Temple to be built in Jerusalem when the body/temple is already occupied by the antichrist spirit. That world-spirit is the opposite of Yeshua and what He taught. He agreed with the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. He agreed with His Father what is acceptable to living in holiness.

Grace is not a license to sin:

Then what will we say? Will we remain in sin, so that grace would abound? God forbid! We who died to sin, how will we still live in it? Or are you ignorant that, we, as many as were immersed in Messiah Yeshua, were immersed into His death? Therefore we were buried with Him through immersion into death, so that just as Messiah was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so also we could walk in newness of life. Romans 6:1-4, One New Man

God has shown us His mercy by supplying us a sacrifice that will take away not just unintentional, but intentional sins. We are all worthy of eternal separation from God, but He gave mercy in place of death. It is our responsibility to accept His offer of mercy so that it will go well with us as we spiritually mature in Him.

It is evident that grace leads to repentance, repentance to obedience, and obedience to righteousness, and righteousness to holiness; and if one is not holy then one does not see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14

In the end, the resurrected will be judged according to their deeds/works. Revelation 20:12. Also look at Isaiah 59:18, Jeremiah 17:10, Psalm 28:4 and 62:13, Romans 2:6, I Corinthians 3:8.

Humankind will be judged on their works of repentance, and their practicing justice and righteousness. The Torah teaches how to love God and to love our neighbor. 

Summation of the antichrist spirit doctrines/teachings: 

The Torah and the Prophets have been abolished.

It teaches Christ did not come in the flesh. 

It does not promote obedience/works of righteousness or justice, which is Godliness.

Does not teach on the need of repentance.

Teaches different paths to God, but the only way is through His Son (it is not through additional rituals), and His teachings.

It will not instruct to distinguish between the clean and unclean. 

It will seek financial gain, through manipulation and compulsion. Preys upon the poor.

It deliberately compels members of the assembly to sin against YHVH.

And it is able to do signs and wonders that could fool the elect.

It promotes self.