“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

The Mark Dream

I have dreamed this dream on two different occasions, and I have been praying for days whether to share it or not, and if so, when. It has troubled my spirit and I have struggled many days with the content in this dream. I feel a strong urgency to upload this and now I know Father God wants me to share it. I will walk in obedience before him because he is my everything. I do not understand why Jesus allows me to remember so much detail, but I pray before I begin writing these dreams down.  I see and hear everything word for word, action for action, as if I was dreaming it all over again. Please remember, it is a dream, a dream God has given me, but still a dream nonetheless, at this time this is all I can share of it. Thank you and stay braced in Jesus always.

Prophecies from God 5/19/21@3:03AM & 5/23/21@8:25 PM


The Mark Dream


This dreamed opened with me standing outside on a street in an unknown city. This city looked like it had been through some kind of great disaster or quite possibly a war, for several of the buildings had structural damage. Some of these had fallen to the ground and laid in mass jumbled heaps of steel, wood and concrete blocks. Other places had evidence of fire, also! It was very dismal and desolate. I could see some of the pavement and ground had cracks in it.  I knew this city appeared to have been on the outskirts from where most of the damage had occurred.


I noticed there were vehicles in various places, some were parked, and apparently abandoned. The day was dark, dismal and grey! A sense of gloom and hopelessness was in the atmosphere. As I looked around, I noticed people milling around here and there at various places. Although everything was bleak, it did not dispel my sense of joy and happiness. “I’m alive,” I whispered as I drew in a deep breath of air. “Thank you, God, for this gift of life you have given me.” Though I felt this appreciation, I understood I had to stay hidden as much as possible, to avoid being too visible.


I pull my hat down lower over my eyes. The hat reminded me of the one the character Hogan had worn on the TV series Hogan’s Heroes. I very seldom watch TV now, but I did watch this at a younger age. I had on a long dark woolen coat, the color of charcoal grey with tiny little flecks of red that was hardly noticeable, unless you were up close to me. This girl in this dream is me, yet it is not. Instead of blonde hair like I have, her hair is red with most of it covered under the coat and hat, but the face is mine. I feel I am in disguise.


It’s cold outside because my breath was chilled when I whispered my thank you to God for this gift of life. I began walking at a medium gait. I am not sure of where I am going.  I observe and listen as I walk, until I notice two people standing around an old black metal barrel, which had a small flickering flame inside putting off a small amount of heat.


As I am watching, a man approached two other people, one is a man and the other a woman. The man who approached them was unkempt with mousy brown hair that hung over his eyes. His beard and moustache were untrimmed, and was nearly the same color as his hair. He wore dingy jeans with thermal socks that were gray and trimmed in crimson at the tops. He wore these over his pant legs. He wore a pair of rubber slip on sandals that were either black or navy blue. I noticed his old dirty navy sweater that had a hole about two inches from the left of his stomach going towards the side, and not up or down. 



He began talking to the other two people. The young woman appeared to be in her late twenties, and the man accompanying her was elderly. Her once long, curly blond hair was knotted and tangled, and it looked entirely impossible for a comb or brush to penetrate the mess. She wore what looked like a school football jacket in colors of navy blue and tan with jeans, and a pink shirt peeked through the top of her zipped up jacket. The elderly man appeared to be protective of the young lady, and later did I learn, she was his granddaughter. He is wearing blue jeans and there is about a two-inch rip beginning from about the calf of his left leg down to the hem where it appeared that he had possibly ripped it on something. He had on dirty white sneakers, a blue shirt and a tan jacket that did not fit properly. It was too small to close and zip up around his torso.


I am cautious, waiting on direction from the Lord on how I should proceed. So, it seems I am heading in their direction, but instead of going up to them at the barrel, I do something that I really did not expect. I walk to a garbage can near them and pretend I am rummaging through it. This positions me where I can overhear their conversation. 


I hear the man in the navy sweater and mousy brown hair speak to the others, he said, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this!!! He promised us a better world! Food to eat . . . places to live . . . a way to buy food or sell it if we had it!”


The elderly man replied, “Josh (so the mousy haired bearded man is named Josh), I don’t think things are going to turn around!” 


“Hush, Grandpa,” the girl interrupted, “he said it was going to! Did he not continue to feed us out of his warehouses like he promised once we elected him as our world leader?” 


Her grandfather looked at her and shook his head: “Yes, Melissa, yes. He did until all his genetically modified food, which was altered to save us, all mutated in his storehouses, and now the reserves are tainted and useless. To now eat it is to die a horrible death! Remember Sheila? She ate it even after knowing it was tainted!” 


Josh spoke up and said, “Even after she professed our beloved ruler would keep her from dying or his food from harming her after all the miracles that she, herself, had witnessed by the hands of our beloved leader’s prophet!”


“But she died, Josh. She died! Her insides burst and she died!” 


“Hush Grandpa. Our ruler is wonderful. He is going to fix this! He has promised!” 


“Just like he promised us fresh water, Melissa, but it’s still poisoned!”


As they are talking, I keep inching closer. I grabbed a few things from the first trash can and then go to another. I am listening for something but I am not sure what it may be.  


Josh speaks to the elderly man: “Harold, how much longer do you think we can last? We haven’t eaten in a couple of days!” 


“Not much longer,” responds Harold. 


“But he has a plan! He said he has a plan to fix this,” Melissa exclaimed! “He will fix this so we can buy. Where if we wanted, we could sell again!” 


Josh chirps in: “Sell what?” 


Melissa reacts with anger and hurt: “He will fix it! Our leader will fix it to where all can eat and be filled! All will be equal and we’ll have homes again…and new clothes. We will have the internet and electricity! I heard Teddy say that they are offering a marking, a symbol of loyalty to our beloved leader. It gives you all these things, even lets you get treatment for illnesses once again!”


At the mention of this information the elderly Harold looked at Melissa earnestly and asked, “When is this coming?” “He, Teddy, said it’s already rolling out in the inner sectors and we’re not far off!”


With certain reservations, Harold responds: “I don’t know Melissa. I was talking to young Carl on 5th street, and he told me if I heard of such a marking to steer clear of it . . . to not take it no matter what! He said something about it damning my soul!”


“Carl is a fool,” Melissa yells! He’s nothing but a lousy traitor to our new world system! Just let me hear him mention that Jesus guy and I will turn him in myself!!!” 


“Melissa calm down. I was just listening. Benevolent ruler is our savior, our god, our supreme leader, ruler over our world! He is fixing this!” 


Josh spoke up: “Then if it’s already being offered or given in the inner sectors, then we should be getting some type of notice by the next two days!”


I stiffened. Yes! This is what I was waiting to hear, this information of the coming of this world’s ruler’s mark! The mark of anti-christ, who had been elected by what was left of the world leaders. I knew this somehow, and that the world had been in utter chaos with war, famine, disease, and plagues consuming the people in a world where disaster after disaster kept on occurring! 


In this dream I knew he had brought false peace to our world. He had opened food reserves and fed the people. Shortly after he assumed power, the food began failing again. We were eating from his reserves while we had tried to grow food from the devastated land and very little had grown! When he became the supreme ruler, then all the remaining governments left standing had to give him control of the food, as well as most everything else! I knew men (those in governments, the world leaders, heads of nations) had tampered with all the food. They had genetically altered the food supply with GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) which mutated into a non-stable condition. Consumption of this mutated food would cause a slow and painful death. The pain continually builds up until your stomach and insides explode from within, which leads to a quick death. How I know this in my dream, again, I am not sure; but everyone in this dream knew not to eat the food that was in the storehouses that had been modified! 


I felt like I was part of the church that had either been left behind, and realized too late Jesus had returned, and we’d missed it, and then repented; or we had somehow heard of Jesus and had accepted him as our Savior during these perilous times. This was the valuable piece of information I was seeking to overhear while digging in the garbage can. The anti-christ’s mark was now active and should be in that specific sector by at least two days if not sooner!!! I slowly backed away from the three people talking from my location near the garbage cans. I scurried away down through a side alley!


Next scene


I see Melissa running down the dingy, dirty streets. She has a smile on her face that is now flushed with excitement. Her blue eyes have a kind of wild, crazy look in them. She is giggling and I am uncertain if she has taken some kind of drug, or what has happened. My eyes follow her as she runs and turns a corner. Her laughter is wafting through the air. She spots her grandfather sitting on a stoop not far from the corner where the burning barrel was still sitting in the same place as before. She rushes to her grandpa and a burst of laughter escapes her lips!


“Hold on there, Melissa,” he says! “What has happened?” 


“He did it!” 


“Who did what?”


“Our world’s savior…he has created a marking that allows you to buy! It allows you to get the medical help you need. We can get credits to buy from tasks done and it even offers you access to music again. I haven’t heard music in forever. Our savior even included the internet. I can buy food now, Grandpa, for they are opening up a grocery store!”


“How can this be, Melissa? There hasn’t been a store for a long time, because no one has a job to earn money, nor anyone food to sell! Money has been useless for a while. I don’t understand!” 


Then she explained: “Through this marking I am able to earn money, actually credits, which allows me to buy the food!” 


“But you have no job, Melissa!”


“I don’t need one! They, the church or the government, will assign me a task to do, and when it’s completed, it is credited to my account somehow, and with it I can buy our food!”


“But you don’t have a bank account!” 


“I don’t need one, Grandpa, for all the information is inside his marking, this mark he is offering to all freely!” 


“But why would he do that?” 


“Because he is our true messiah, our true savior, our benevolent ruler!”


“And you’ve taken this marking, our leader’s mark already?” 


“Yes, Grandpa!”


 “But I don’t see anything! Where is it?”


 “It’s on my right hand, but you can’t see it!” 


“Why can’t you see it? How do you know it’s there?” 


“They have technology, Granddaddy, that is so far advanced that all you need is a station or a hand-held device to read and scan it!”


“And you have access to the internet?” 


“Yes, but I have to earn credits to be able to use it or to listen to any music, just like I do to purchase food!”


“Why did you get it, Melissa, when I told you I wasn’t sure?”


“Because, Granddaddy, our savior loves us and now we no longer have to be hungry.”


As Melissa holds her right hand up to show her grandfather how this mark works, it becomes blotted out of my sight and suddenly the scene changes.


Next scene


I am looking at a large parking lot that is surrounding a large white painted concrete block building. It had black iron barred windows and across the top in plainly written bold red letters, it read: “One World Food Store!” Outside of it were lines upon lines of people standing to enter this store to finally be able to buy precious, precious, food. Many were on the verge of total starvation; their bodies had already begun feeding on themselves. Some had trouble standing due to weakness. Armed guards were around the door and patrolling the grounds outside, and all were dressed in the military garb of the new consolidated one world government! 


It had been a few days since Melissa had taken the anti-christ’s mark, and she had earned enough credits to shop at this One World Food Store. She was the fortieth in line because in my dream I was counting the people in front of her. My eyes turned to one of the barred windows and I saw inside white and metal shelves; and as I was looking, I then found myself inside the store. I saw sparsely spaced items on these shelves with maybe a couple hundred items to purchase with thousands of people outside! I also saw two armed guards inside.


I knew that Melissa and others had taken the mark of anti-christ, at least partly, because they were hungry! They had taken his mark in this dream to buy a can of food that isn’t even going to be available to all!!! They had sold their soul to the devil, the anti-christ’s master, and for the many for nothing in return! In this dream I realized that this mark is a spiritual mark, but for many it is also a physical mark. If in this time you had not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and die before actually taking this mark of anti-christ, your soul is still not sealed by God and you belong to satan, you have anti-christ’s spiritual marking.


Then I hear these words from heaven as I am beholding all that I see: “This is life under anti-christ’s rule . . . under satan’s rule! He offers his mark as a way for you to buy, then afterwards you realize too late there is very little, if anything, to buy!” Then I started backing out of the window I had looked through. The guards began to let people inside the food store. I hear the sound of cursing, of fighting, of angry voices, and then I hear two gunshots; yet, the fighting continues inside! I hear another gun fire, and I jolt awake from my sleep. Both times I’ve dreamed this, I have been awakened by the last gun fire, and both times I began praying with: “Lord Jesus, have mercy,” on my lips!


Vicki Parnell