“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Set in Motion

November 9, 2020
Set in Motion

I had a dream last night, there are two parts to it, and one portion is comforting.

I heard a Word given to me in the dream and it is from Psalm 31:20. I heard: “Tell Quen I will hide you (as in both of us; we are one flesh. ‘You’ though it is singular is understood to be plural here) in the secret place.”

“Tell Quen I will hide you in the secret place.”

After this it begins with me living in a fairly large house. I am uncertain if it is a temporary arrangement.

Behind the house is a large cemetery. It was well maintained, grass always cut and no weeds. The grass was so well kept, it was like walking on a carpet of moss.

In the cemetery were, of course, headstones, some statues, different types of figures; there were also these pillar type objects that reminded me of miniature obelisks. They rose to about the chest area. They had four sides with inscriptions on each side. The heads of them are capped, similar to the Washington Monument in DC.

Some of these figures in the cemetery were distorted in some way, sort of twisted. At the entrance of the cemetery was a black figure that was kind of twisted at an angle. I thought this cemetery to be occultic, or demonic by reason of some of the features I mentioned.

Around the cemetery was a cement boundary that was perhaps two inches wide. It encompassed, as I am able to remember, the cemetery. It seems like this boundary was once a foundation to a structure of some sort. Through years of decay, and deterioration, all that was left was this barely visible cement boundary. So, going to the graveyard, to the right, one then descended down into it at this boundary.

Inside there was a figure or something, but attached to it was a sign, and on the sign read a riddle. Well, I would go there several times a day to study it. I cannot remember all the words, but I can remember seeing the number 1 twice, the word ‘man,’ parenthesis like this: (x ), with some words in the center of them. I also remember the word ‘earth’ or ‘world.’ The word ‘earth’ ended the riddle. It is difficult to explain how it was written out.

So, I would often go to examine the riddle and there were others who would do this also. I would go to the house and there would be people repeating under their breath the riddle and their facial features would express their pondering on the riddle. This would happen day after day.

It was after a long period of time doing this, it was a day I had gone to examine the message on the sign once more, that understanding came to me. I understood what it meant. I became broken. I thought: “I need to announce this to every one! I have to tell them and prepare them! This is terrible!”

I ran to the house because I had to quickly tell them so they would have understanding of what the inscription on the sign meant. We all had to prepare!

My heart was completely and utterly broken. I ran sobbing and I felt I was nearly dying inside. People came rushing to me asking: “What is it? What is it?” Through broken and gasping sobs, I explained the message meant there would be 1 man (we would know it as the New World Order, something similar to it) over 1 earth, the world, the globe. We would understand it to say it was the antichrist.

I was inconsolable, drowning in deep mourning. I needed to find my peace and to be comforted. I grieved alone for a few hours.

Later, I returned to the cemetery and I see a man at a headstone. He is pulling out a cylinder from the headstone. The cap is so large that it fills his entire hand. When it is completely pulled out, I see it is shaped, underneath the cap in his hand, like a tack or some would call it a push pin. Like one of those pointy objects used to pin up documents, or announcements on a cork board.

He runs, and I run after him. Behind the cemetery at some distance is a large body of water, perhaps a lake. I discern he is about to start a process that is not going to be good. I feel the urgency to prevent him or stop him. The object he has is like a key to insert into something else.

I believe he knows I am in pursuit of him. So, he runs into the water and I am behind him. We go to the bottom and I am pressing against the current and the density, or the pressure, of the depths of the lake to wrestle him down. I am desperate to stop him.

Eventually I can see him stop at this mechanism of some sort. The front is shaped like a front of a car, but it is a fairly large object. The machine is a large mechanism, an engine, if you will. One can see all the cogs, wheels, springs, and gears; there is no covering on it.

The fellow takes the cylinder and inserts it into the front of the machine. It was like a key to begin the cycle of the machine. Once he did this, I could see all the parts come to movement; the rotation of the wheels and cogs, the gears moving along. It reminds of the innards in a clock or watch. There was no clock face, no numbers, no second hand, hour hand or minute hand; but the device reminds me of the internal parts found in a watch. By this time, it is too late for me to try and stop him.

He then takes the same cylinder and inserts into another machine that resembles the first one.

When he removes his hand, but it remains in this machine, it has swirls on it that reminds me of yin-yang, or the paisley pattern, and it was colorful.

He steps back and observes the rotation and movement of all the parts of the machine. I become extremely distressed by what I see. I know this is going to bring great grief to the world.


Interpretation: I am not sure how to interpret this. I exhibited a tremendous amount of grief in this dream.

The dream has some symbols that I can, maybe, interpret.

Water can represent chaos, the abyss, and the nations. The nations are behind the win of Biden. The voter fraud is to be obvious, and obvious it is. This has set in motion other events.

Trump will win the final count on December 14 th , and this will manipulate the left to target the Christians and conservatives. Unless there is a great cry from the people of God now, there is going to be a great disturbance in the nation that will affect everyone.

I am saying with some reservations attached, that the possibility exists for the United Nations to interfere with the chaos that will be demonstrated in the days following the victory of President Trump.

However, if we pray without ceasing, many things can perhaps be changed. I am praying and fasting this will come to a quick end and the violence will be arrested.

Some of the dream suggests that there are events that have been sent into motion. These will not be reversed, but can be delayed because of prayers.

This speaks of the antichrist spirit that is already at work.