“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Repentance December 3 2017

Good morning and welcome to our Ancient Scrolls program. My name is Crystal Sharpe, today is the first day of the week, Sunday December 3rd, and I am glad that you all would take time to listen to the word this morning.

Christmas is 22 days away, and some people attempt to just honor the birth of Jesus. It is because of Jesus, that

I, a Gentile, was saved, and it wasn’t because I first loved him but that he truly first loved me. Jesus’ mother was a Jew, by Jewish law this made Jesus a Jew. His Hebrew name is Yeshua and his lineage is from the tribe of Yehuda (Judah. The blessing came from Jacob that kings would come from the tribe of Yehuda; it is because of His birth, His death, His resurrection, and ascension that I am blessed to be grafted into the Olive Tree which is Israel.  Romans 11.The root of the Olive tree, which is Israel, supports me, and like Yeshua—I am the daughter of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

How fortunate we are to have such a great heritage, being from the spiritual lineage of such righteous men.

Just like Abraham rejected the Chaldean status quo of evil in this world, we must reject what the world conditions us to believe that evil is good and good is evil.

Revelation 18:4, And I heard another voice from heaven saying; Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins and lest you receive of her plagues, for her sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered her iniquities

Separation is inevitable. God separates the tares from the wheat in the field and not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter into eternal life, only those who are obedient to His commandments

Have you heard people say about others: “Well, their sins don’t bother any one. Leave them alone.” But according to the word it was the sins of others that destroyed the world in Noah’s time. The intents of the thoughts of their hearts were evil continually. The people of that time dedicated themselves to doing evil.

It was the sins of Israel (the ten tribes of the northern kingdom) that had the Assyrians to overcome them and take them captive.

It was the sins of Judah and Benjamin that caused the whole southern kingdom to be taken captive to Babylon. The punishment was so severe that Daniel, and his three friends: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, their names were changed to honor the Babylonian gods, their idols); these men were castrated and served in the palace of king Nebuchadnezzar.   

Sins affect the whole nation.

Personal sins impact your family. We see this in King David’s life when he sinned with Bathsheba; later his son Absalom took the kingdom and was killed by Joab and his troops.

City sins initiate natural disasters. Geological researchers say that Sodom was destroyed by a volcano.

National sins open doors to civil wars, and finally after a period of internal strife–foreign enemies overrun a nation, and its citizens taken into captivity and bondage.

Let’s pray:


We thank You for being God, for being the King of the universe. Thank You for truth, thank You for Your word that has not changed since its entrance in the world. Through Your Word we can ferret out those that deceive many in the world.

In January You told me the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of God and His Christ. I knew this meant that we would see some definite changes in the kingdoms of this world.

Lately, just about every day I am watching the news, and the people in Hollywood, people in government, are coming under severe criticism and accusation of sexual misconduct; so exposure has arrived since the beginning of this year. The reason for this exposure is because people will not repent of their vices and addictions.  

We pray that You will convict this nation of its drug addictions, its sexual addictions, porn, child molestations, fornication, adulteries, sodomy, murders, abortions, hatred without a cause, its greed, its affliction of the poor, and the widows. Thank You, Father, for exposing those that will not repent of their sins, their transgressions, their iniquities against You. I pray your conviction over them.

We ask You to push back the darkness, the principalities, the powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. We ask that Your people will intercede for this nation, to return it to its roots of justice and righteousness. Bring Your people to fast and weep for this nation, so that You will remove Your judgment of captivity for this nation.

Instruct this nation to teach each other consideration, and love. We live in a culture of “it’s about me, my and mine.” Restore to this nation righteousness and justice. Dear Father, help us to turn from our perversions, help us to repent of them and to follow Your instructions so that it will go well with us.

We pray for France and we pray they will ask Your forgiveness for hating and cursing Israel. We pray for mercy and that the planned terrorist attacks will fail. We pray You will remove Your righteous people from the locations of destruction.

We pray protection over Trump, his wife, children and grandchildren. We pray Your divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding will permeate his life. We pray he will hear the sound of Your voice in His spirit. We pray his eyes will be opened to the wolves and antichrists in this world so that he will not be misguided, or deceived, by those who call evil men good.

Blessed is Your name above all names. Amen

There are two Hebrew words used to express repent, repented, repentance in the Old Testament.

Nacham and Teshuva

Nacham is used the first time in Genesis 6:6 where it says that God repented of having created man on the earth, and he was grieved in His heart.

Repented in this sense means regret or being sorry; this means action of breathing sighs. God was sorry that He had created man and He was distressed about having to condemn creation. God is life and life was to always continue because He is a creator. He loves and because He has this vast amount of love—it compels Him to create.  It is similar to two people who are deeply affectioned for one another—they desire after the initial period of their bonding to have children, it is the love they have for each other that isn’t limited to themselves, they desire to share their love, and devotion to another being.

And if she miscarries the child; she feels this great loss because the promise that was there is now terminated; because the promise she felt move in her was the future, and once it is miscarried then a part of the future dies with the promise. To a mother the future of seeing the child walk dies, future birthdays die, graduation dies, to some extent the future dies for the mother.

God was grieved that mankind was not reversing its own death, and mankind had the opportunity and ability to repent. God’s vision for mankind was terminated. Every heart was a seed of promise to do right things, but instead their hearts pursued after evil.

God does not pleasure in the death of the wicked Ezekiel 18:23; but that the wicked man should turn from his wicked ways and live.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

When man is out of order with God, it affects creation. Natural disasters are caused from man’s rebellion, scientists say humans cause global warming—and global warming is global warnings that man is out of order with God, but they agree with Genesis 3 and Revelation 11.

We do see that after Adam and Eve were disobedient they were sent to the east from their secure home in the garden, she would bear children in pain, and Adam would till the same ground from which he came, with his toil would come thorns and thistles.

Today we are living with the consequences of their wrong choices. It didn’t end in Noah’s time. Sin has always been present. It will use us for our destruction. It brings us nothing but bitterness and grief.

Let Gd be true, Proverbs 13:15 says, Good understanding giveth favour; but the way of trangressors is hard.

Sin has consequences and affects everyone; and sin causes harm to a family, to a community, to a nation, and to the world—the earth was destroyed in Noah’s day because men had evil intentions in their heart continually.

In Revelation 11:18

The nations were angry and Your wrath has come And the time of the dead that they should be judged And that you should reward your servants the prophets and the saints And those who fear Your name small and great And should destroy those who destroy the earth

I define sin in terms of the harm that it causes. It caused harm to Adam and Eve. Their relationship with Gd changed, their peace was stolen and now they had fear; their home changed to another location; enjoyable work changed to stress and weariness, evil Cain killed righteous Abel.

The grief of Adam and Eve had to be just unbearable when Cain killed Abel, and knowing it was their fault. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil caused them nothing but harm. The serpent gave them false advertisement. In Genesis 6:6 “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes and the tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate and then she gave it to her husband and he ate.”

That day they spiritually died, and their physical bodies then began to depreciate until they died. Death was passed to us.

Down further in Genesis 3 we read: Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings And they heard the sound (or the wind of Gd, the breeze of Gd, the movement of Gd, the stirring of God) of the Ld Gd among the trees of the garden.

After they had eaten and sewed leaves together and removed themselves in amongst the trees, we see this wind of God. The Jewish sages say that God was removing His presence toward the west of the garden.

And strangely enough the sages took note that the Ark in the Holy of Holies was placed in the west of the Tabernacle and Temple. Today in Jerusalem the Western wall is what remains of the 2nd Temple period after the Romans and the 10th legion, which some say were the Arabs, destroyed the Temple.

Another parallel since we are talking about west is the Menorah in the Tabernacle/Temple, it was called the eternal lamp. The menorah had 6 branches and in the midst of them was a center lamp, so there were 7 lamps all together.The center stand and was called “the western most light” and it was placed west. This center lamp seldom ever went out, until after the death of Jesus. Every night for 40 years or over 14,400 nights in a row the main lamp of the Menorah stand blew out of its own accord no matter what attempts and precautions the priests took to safeguard against this event.

The center lamp, or the western most light was cleaned and relit every evening and its fire was used to light the other wicks on the 6 branches, this center lamp is also called the servant candle because of it being used to light the other lamps. This servant lamp, represents Jesus. In Revelation the church Ephesus is criticized for it leaving its first love, and it is instructed to repent or else Jesus would remove their candlestick. This is talking about the Menorah and the departure of His presence.

So back to Genesis 3:6 Then the Ld Gd called to Adam and said to him “Where are you?’’

In truth where are we? That question then, 6000 years ago, is still a question for humanity today: Where are you?

Are you hiding among the trees and making by your own understanding your clothing to cover up those things you have messed up, or your life that others messed up for you, I have been through that.

I remember having a shattered life, being a complete broken mess that doctors could not put back together; no medicines or therapists could fix me, repair me, or restore me. Always looking for acceptance but never finding it.

I remember the nights being so alone in my fears.  I felt like I was just bankrupt, my mind was broken, my spirit was laid waste. I tried to reach out to my former husband and I remember his cold words: “I can’t help you.” Not that he would have if he could have.

But I can say this through my brokenness, I searched out Jesus and He actually helped  me, the only one who could heal me from abuse, neglect, fears, bondage; I can tell you Jesus never left me, and He never ran out.  

Eve thought it would be good thing to have wisdom that wasn’t ordained by God, a wisdom that would bring death. As people today we seek many things in this life, the occult, one night stands, money, greed, abuse, sexual addictions, drug addictions, molestations, different religions; and I am here to tell you this other tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not fulfilling at all.  It will be for a little while and then it will turn on you.

If you are broken today, receive Jesus. Ask Him to cleanse you from all of your unrighteousness, from your brokenness, and I guarantee He will help you, he will heal you. He is your only friend for life.

Next week we will go over the other word for repentance teshuva

I see I am the end of this program. Have a good week, Keep your spiritual garments clean, ask God to cleanse you of all unrighteousness every day, remain in His service, Love God and love your neighbor

The other word is Teshuba from the verb Shuba literally “return” which implies that All transgressions and sins are the natural and inevitable consequence of man’s straying from God and His Laws

The act of “return” means to come back to God and pick up the works of righteousness, to practice righteousness.

Deuteronomy 11:26-28:

verse 26. Behold I set before you this day a blessing and a curse

verse 27. The blessing if you obey the commandments of the Ld your Gd which I command you today

verse 28. And the curse if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your Gd, but turn aside from the way which I command you today, to go after other gods which you have not known

The biggest idol we have issss . . . ourselves

Have you ever read the curses in Deuteronomy 28?

Here is a brief list: the lawless ones will suffer famine; of the inability to have children, livestock will not reproduce; the work of your hands will be rebuked, and in all these I mentioned so far is that the lawless ones will not prosper. The lawless ones will suffer plague, and disease: consumption, fever, inflammation, with sword and scorching, mildew; there will be no rain for crops; the enemies of the lawless nation will defeat them, your bodies of the lawless nation will be food for the birds and beasts; and boils, tumors, scabs (I look at this as cancers), other men will have sex with your wife, your sons and daughters will be given to other people, others will dwell in your house and eat your food, madness will be in the nation of lawless ones (the massacre in las Vegas, the Sutherland Springs, Tx shooting, before that was Tennessee), people will eat their children, verse 61, also every sickness and every plague, which is not written in this Book of the Law will the Ld bring upon you until you are destroyed.

God is serious about judgment. A person can say to me “Don’t judge me.” Okay I wouldn’t anyway.  I would say repent then. The word has already judged you