“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Pesach, Exodus, Egyptian Civil War of the firstborn

Shalom-Shalom! Peace in the name of Yeshua. This is Crystal Sharpe and welcome to the Ancient Scrolls program. Today is Sunday, the first day of the week, April 8th.

Today, okay, today what we will do is go over some information, some history on the 70 nations in Genesis 10, and briefly touch on Perez, the son of Judah from Genesis 38; and we will end the program going over Egypt at the time of Passover.  I am hoping the teachings I do will help put some flesh on the characters in the Word and flesh out the history of that Middle Eastern area.


I Thank You so much for everything You have done for me and for others. You have healed me so many times, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I was in a bad way when You rescued me from the chains of darkness and despair. No doctor or medicine could help me in my brokenness; there was no cure for me in the natural. You were my only hope, and You made it evident of Your love for me. You became the “I Am that I Am” in my life. I owe You my life all the days of Your life.

I pray repentance over this nation, over the Senate and Congress, over the Supreme Court. I pray they would come in one mind and one accord against abortion. I pray they would understand how barbaric it is to kill the unborn. It is a holocaust, and not just in this nation, but in the nations.

I pray protection over President, his wife, his children and grandchildren. I pray Your wisdom knowledge and understanding over him and his advisors and counselors. I pray Your Spirit of Might, Your Spirit of power and the fear of the Lord will saturate President Trump. We pray You will send Your mighty angles to protect and bless his rising up and his lying down, his coming in and his going out, that You would bless him in the city in the field in Yeshua’s name.

I pray blessing and protection over my husband Quen, over my pastor, our children Jeremy, Jason, Brad and Matt .My friends: Donna Walker, Sandy and David Simmons, Sue, Larry, and Bobi Melton, Francis Lesly, Joan Hamilton, the Baysingers, Michael Lucas, Lewis and Pam Williams, Krystal Gunnoe, Judy Duncan, Shaunna Cole—to name a few. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Last Friday March 30th was the beginning of the Lord’s feast of Pesach, or Passover. Last Sunday April 1st was the Lord’s feast of Bikkurim or the Barley sheaf of firstfruits which represents the resurrection of Yeshua from the tomb, from the clutches of death.

We are right now in the counting of the Omer that leads up to the Lord’s feast of Shavuot (we say Pentecost), today would be “Day 9 of the Omer.” Think of it as we are ascending spiritually like the Hebrews who were ascending to Mt. Sinai from Egypt for the revelation of God, the giving of His word. The Jews understand it as giving of the Ke Uba, which is the marriage covenant between God and Israel. God being the husband prepared a contract with Israel that if they would follow the ethical, moral, kosher, priestly codes written in the contract (which is the torah) that he would be a doting husband and prosper them and but if they refused to live up to the Ke’uba, or the contract, then they would be cursed.  Deuteronomy 28

Now this this cycle, this feast of the Lord, Shavuot is relived again through a people at a different time. This time it is the followers of Yeshua. Yeshua had left instructions for them to tarry at Jerusalem until they be endued with power from on high (Luke 24).

Their, the followers of Yeshua,  their journey, their ascent, is similar to the Exodus account of their ancestors in Egypt. The followers of Yeshua go through the journey of Pesach, or Passover—the Lamb is killed, only this time Yeshua being the firstborn dies. They witness His resurrection, which is the firstfruits, or Bikkurim; and it mimics the nation of Israel being resurrected, they are coming out of the dead places in Egypt; and like the Hebrews who were ascending to a revelation at Mt Sinai, the followers of Yeshua are going to have their own Mt Sinai experience by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. So, right now we are on the same journey to Shavuot which is on May 19th this year.

Okay, so let’s go over some history on Egypt. We know from the Word, from the Torah, that 8 souls were saved during the flood at the time of Noah. Genesis 10 is the history of the nations that came from Noah’s three sons.  The sages reckon 70 nations from Genesis 10; and they all spoke with one language in those days. In the ancient past those cities that were built were named after the sons of the builders.

Now, this pattern of 70 is emerging again in our life time

The dispersal of the people at Babel was caused by the confusion of tongues and they no longer spoke one language but 70 languages.  King Solomon at the dedication of the first Temple offered 70 sacrifices of bulls for the 70 nations. You can also find this in Numbers 29 listing the sacrifices of bulls for each day of the Lord’s feast of Tabernacles. In this passage the number of sacrifices decreases each day of the feast but ends up numbering 70. Tabernacles is called the “Feast of the Nations.” In Zechariah 14, we see the nations coming to Jerusalem to celebrate this feast of the nations.  Jacob’s family numbered 70 when he descended into Egypt. In Luke 10, Yeshua appoints 70 disciples and sends them.

It is notable that 70 has risen up again in the last year and a half in world events.

In December 23 2016, president Obama abandoned Israel by abstaining from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded an immediate halt to all Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel conquered these territories during the 1967 war—also known as the 6 day war, when Egypt, Jordan and Syria had united in annihilating Israel.

On January 15, 2017, 70 nations gathered in Paris, France in an attempt to force Israel to accept a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority.

But before these newsworthy items in December and January—Obama attended the funeral of one of the last founding fathers of Israel–Shimon Perez on September 28, 2016. This happened two months before Obama abstained from voting at the UN.

There were 90 world leaders from 70 nations present at the death of Shimon Peres. He had died 4 days before the Lord’s feast of Rosh haShanah; this fruit harvest is called the “end of days harvest.” The death of Shimon Peres was significant to those educators and rabbis in Israel who thought his death signified a transition, and that transition being the end of one Messianic age and the beginning of another age. They considered the age before as the age of the Suffering Servant. This Suffering Servant we know as Yeshua. He came as a suffering servant to Israel and died on the tree for our sins and transgressions.

They, I am talking about Israel, are now looking for the Anointed Messiah from the tribe of Judah—the Son of David; the Warrior, the lion, the King who will come and drain the swamp of His enemies, and establish and dispense of true righteousness and true justice.

So, in 2016 and 2017 were significant in the pattern of the 70 nations cycling back around to this age. And I also saw the pattern with the name of Perez. Perez is first found in the beginning–Genesis 38. He is the son of Tamar and Judah (the son of Jacob).

Tamar had married two sons of Judah: Er and Onan, and both these sons died while married to her. Judah thought their deaths were her fault somehow and would not allow his third son, Shelah, to marry Tamar. Tamar posed as a prostitute and Judah had intercourse with her and from their union produced twin sons—Perez and Zerah. Perez is the ancestor of Yeshua the Messiah. In Genesis 48, Judah received the blessing of having kings descend from him. So, Tamar gave Judah two sons that replaced the two sons that had died.

So let’s go back and discuss Shimon Perez.

Shimon means “to hear” and the last name Perez means “to break forth,” putting these names together means: “to hear break forth.” This is why I think the educators and rabbis knew that the coming of their Messiah as a Warrior King was at hand. There was definitely a transition at the death of Shimon Perez of Israel.

We are certainly living in prophetic times. God is signaling us with these markers that time here is short.

Okay, so let’s go over the history of Egypt according to the Torah. The first mention of Egypt is found in Genesis 10:6.

Genesis records that Noah had three sons: Japheth, Shem and Ham; and from Ham’s children came 30 of the 70 nations in Genesis 10.

Genesis 10:6, The sons of Ham: Cush, Mizraim, Put (is Libya today) and Canaan, 4 sons

So, Mizraim is the second son of Ham, and he is the one we will focus on today because of his connection to Egypt.

Mizraim is the founder of Egypt. I once heard Rabbi Monte Judah give the meaning of the word Mizraim as “misery.”  On balashon.com that word is said to mean either distress or a narrow place. It is a place of distress. The Strong’s Concordance has Mizarim as Egypt.

On the site of Bible Study Tools they have Egypt as being referenced as the land of Ham

Some of the earliest sculptures yet found in Egypt represent the god Min; and this god seems also to have been called Khm, a very exact Egyptian equivalent to Cham, the second son of Noah and the ancestor of the Hamitic people in Egypt. That Ham the son of Noah should be deified in the Egyptian Pantheon is not surprising.

The sensuality of this god Min or Khem also accords well with the reputation for licentiousness borne by Ham the son of Noah. These facts suggest very strongly a trace in Egyptian mythology of the actual history of the movements of the Hamitic people.

This is why Abraham had reservations of explaining to the Egyptians that Sarah was his wife in Genesis 12.  He understood the Egyptians were the immoral people, or base people from the line of Cham and they would kill him in order for them to possess his wife; and knowing this about them, Abraham asked her to tell them she was his sister. God afflicted the house of Pharaoh until he released Sarah to her husband, Abraham.

In the Talmud Pesachim 113b comments that five things did Canaan charge his sons (Canaan was the brother of Mizraim): Love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and never speak truth. From this example we can understand why Abraham had some misgivings about revealing Sarah as his wife.

In Genesis 12, Abraham and Sarah having to go to Egypt in time of famine was a prophetic visual of the future house of Jacob having to go to Egypt because of the famine in Canaan. And the passages in the Torah tell us that Joseph prepared the way for the House of Jacob; and Joseph is a prophetic picture of the suffering servant, and He, like Yeshua, prepared the way for Israel and the Gentiles.

So, the meaning of Mizraim or Egypt may have lost its original meaning over time. In the Exodus account the nation of Israel calls Egypt the “House of Bondage.” And these are the passages Exodus 13:3,14  and Exodus 20:2; Deuteronomy 5:6; 6:12; 8:14; 13:10; Joshua 24:17

Exodus 20:2 (God said)

I Am (eh-yeh) the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the House of Bondage. This is confirmed again in Deuteronomy 5:6

So, this is what God calls Egypt, or Mizraim: The House of Bondage. Egypt represents spiritual darkness, bondage and addiction to sins, vices, and the reason Egypt or Mizraim represents degeneration is that it is the land of Ham.

Psalms 105:27

He sent Moses his servant, and Aaron whom he had chosen. They showed his signs among them and wonders in the land of Ham. Psalms 106:22

Anyways, I hope this increases your understanding of the Torah, that the stories will come alive to you, and you will be intimate with them.

I know I go off track here and there, but every story in the Word is significant to me, and when I see these patterns in our time, I understand that it is a prophetic signal, a marker for something forthcoming.

Because Isaiah 46:10

I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done saying, My counsel shall stand and I will do all My pleasure.

There really isn’t anything new under the sun.

So, now that we have gone over some history, next program we will cover what had happened about 4 days before the Passover  in Egypt.

Okay I am at the end of the program, have a good week, remember to walk by faith and not by sight; keep your spiritual garments clean from blemishes, spots and wrinkles, ask God to cleanse you of all unrighteousness every day, remain in His service, Love God and love your neighbor.