“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Muslim Beheadings

July 12, 2006

Muslim Beheadings


This dream opened up with my working at a store, and it reminded me of K-Mart. It was the way the registers were located at the front of the store and the fixtures.

I am near the front of the store and this man comes through the entrance and walks past me to the left where the shoe department is located at the back of the store. In a few minutes I go to check if he needs some assistance. When I get there, I was upset to see that he had strewn on the floor several yellow construction boots. It was a total mess. I call security because I am not sure what else he may do in the store. However, he leaves.

I was straightening up and there was another girl with me who seems familiar to me, as if we had maybe worked at another store together. Suddenly, I felt an urgency to leave immediately. I dropped everything and bolted toward the entrance. The girl with me knew that my doing something like that indicated something was very seriously wrong. I do not make time to tell anyone else to leave. It would take up precious time trying to convince everyone, the manager, the assistant manager, and the other employees, they would not believe that something terrible was about to happen. The girl that was working with me runs too, and she never asks why I am running.

There is a hill behind the store and we are running as fast as we can to put distance between us and the store. I glance over my right shoulder and see people in dark clothing running, and they run into the store. The employees finally realized something was amiss and attempt to run, to escape the store, but it was too late. The men in dark clothing captured them and put all of them on their knees in the parking lot. These were Muslim men with firearms and machetes. I saw the manager crying out in total disbelief at his predicament! How could his life end this way? He was sobbing with such brokenness and asking for his life to be spared, for his captors to have mercy. The Muslim raised his machete over the manager’s head and sliced it off with ease.

I was in a panic to find a place to hide. There were some buildings nestled against the hill, but I told the girl running with me we needed to run in the wooded area just ahead of us. I thought to put as much distance between us and the Muslims since right at the moment they were distracted by their orgy of beheading everyone.  What I did not foresee was a road that was behind the wooded area.

Behind the tree line was a fresh dirt road and I stopped at the edge of it. I saw to the left of me what I thought were American soldiers and a tank. I am struggling to identify them as American. They were walking around with their fatigue jackets removed. I thought to tell them of the massacre behind me at the store, but I felt a check in my spirit. The other girl had separated from me and ran to the right. In the dream I am told she was captured.

I decided to climb a tree and rested beneath the heavy leaves. I wrapped myself around it. I was terrified. I looked down and I had my rural Battle Dress Fatigues on. My hair was in a knot above the collar. I was amazed that I was camouflaged like that. It was like I was in the military again.

Later on, I am captured also. I am put in the back of what the military called a cattle truck. The truck stops now and again and the soldiers go into businesses and homes and force men in the back of the truck with me. Everyone is in total shock and no one is able to speak.

Then it is like the Holy Spirit is speaking to me about them. They were good men who loved their families and were pillars of their communities. They were wondering how it got this bad so quickly. It was not supposed to happen like this because too many ministers had taught that a supposed rapture was to take place before anything bad happened. These men were upset that they never got to tell their wives good-bye and that they loved them.

Then we are taken to a room and sitting in metal fold up chairs in a semi-circle. They begin to whisper amongst themselves. Some are struggling with how they could have believed this had happened before the rapture. Worse, how could they have believed the rapture teaching since now they find themselves in these circumstances. I see a man in a lab coat adjusting knobs on these computer looking devices. He has a clip board and at different times he leaves the room. There are security men in the room.

The men I am with begin to discuss that this was like in the times of Nazi Germany when the Jews were taken to concentration camps. They were imagining the same could be with them, or internment camps. I became agitated with them and spoke out: “You don’t get it, do you?” They all have the expression of a question, like “what?” So, I asked one of the guards there when they were going to kill us. He replied: “It won’t be long.” The men were astonished. End