April 26, 2021
Love Letters to Israel/God’s son

This dream opens with me talking to my oldest son, Jacobi, and telling him how much I loved him. In this dream though, I was not his mother, nor was he my son. The information is, at some time in the past I had had a casual relationship with him and still loved him. However, he never knew it. I told him that I had written love letters to him every day for years, professing my love for him. His response was that he had no idea that I loved him like that. END

Interpretation: I named my son after Jacob in the Bible, and his dad’s name is Obi. I sense this is about Israel and the love God has for them. Jacob means Israel. The letters in the dream were those books in the Bible concerning them/Israel. Also, it blessed my son when I told him how much I loved him in reality.

Gloria Evans