Rapture Dream

April 10, 2021 While Jesus said, “no man knows the hour or the day” of his return we can know the “season” of his return. In my over 45 years of being a Christian this dream is the closest I have seen as to a “season” of his return. The reaction to this revelation is […]

The Mark Dream

I have dreamed this dream on two different occasions, and I have been praying for days whether to share it or not, and if so, when. It has troubled my spirit and I have struggled many days with the content in this dream. I feel a strong urgency to upload this and now I know […]

Great Awakening and Resurrection

May 5, 2021 This dream opens with my being in a church service. In this service was a rock, a boulder size rock, however, it was not visible to the anyone. It reminded me of the rock that was carted around by Israel while in the wilderness. This rock would give forth water to everyone […]

Vaccine Dream

March 22, 2021 This dream opens with it being warmer weather. There are leaves on the trees. I hear sounds close to me and in the distance, the sounds of cries and great sorrow. The atmosphere is saturated with people grieving. I do not understand their grief. It is then I receive information. Those who […]

America Attacked

January 26, 2021 America Attacked This morning I remembered a dream of a world attack against America. It began with my living in a small house above and across the road from Kitchen Lane. The house no longer exists. Quen and I had fallen asleep. In my sleep lightning came across my eyelids and disturbed […]


December 30, 2020 Mobilization This dream begins at the property I had at Gatewood. I am at my house and an argument ensues because my former husband thinks he owns half my house. We argue every day that he owns nothing. The dream changes. I go to my bedroom. I still have some residual anger […]


December 29, 2020 Alarms This dream opened with Quen and I living in a remote area, more remote than where we are now. Outside was a shelter similar to the ones found in parks; tables with roofs over them. Quen was sitting at a table, on the bench, under the shelter. I say to him […]

My Bride Is Not Ready!

February 2017 Hi, my name is Stewart. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I received a message in the night in February 2017 I heard a loud voice speaking to me saying: “Warn the Church! Warn the Church! Warn the Church! I am coming! My bride is not ready! The church is asleep, and […]

Logan’s Run

November 25, 2019 This dream began with my being in a rural area. I am with my mother and youngest brother. I remember other people there as well, but I wasn’t familiar with them. We heard the sound of jet planes and every one pivoted toward the sound. The planes looked small in the distance, […]

Statue of Liberty/Torah/Constitution

November 23, 2020 Statue of Liberty/Torah/Constitution The dream opens and I see the state of Georgia first. I saw the map of Georgia and a finger comes down, a big finger, and it points at Georgia. The scene changes and I see the Statue of Liberty and she breaks off her base and begins swimming […]