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Vaccine Dream

March 22, 2021 This dream opens with it being warmer weather. There are leaves on the trees. I hear sounds close to


February 28, 2021

Ancient Scrolls Online · 02 28 21 AncientScrolls February 28, 2021 summary: Yeshua made allusions to the Temple in Mark


America Attacked

January 26, 2021 America Attacked This morning I remembered a dream of a world attack against America. It began with my


February 7, 2021

Ancient Scrolls Online · 02 07 21 AncientScrollsSummary: There is expected to be a "Great Awakening" before the return of Yeshua. "The



December 30, 2020 Mobilization This dream begins at the property I had at Gatewood. I am at my house and an



December 29, 2020 Alarms This dream opened with Quen and I living in a remote area, more remote than where we


January 31, 2021

Ancient Scrolls Online · 01 31 21 AncientScrolls Summary: The book of Esther is a type of church; and the persecution

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