“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”


April 2, 2003

This dream begins with me being outside. It looks like it is close to twilight. I see in front of me a pallet of Bounty paper towels. I cannot understand where I am, or the paper towels.

In the distance, at the edge of the forest, comes a bear loping along. I immediately begin to panic. The bear can outpace me and there was no place to run and hide. I looked at the paper towels and groaned:”No way to hide there.” To my amazement the bear runs past in front of me instead of attacking me. My eyes never leave it.

He runs up the steps of this dilapidated house; and when he gets to the entrance door, he stands up as a man. He is a beast-man. His face is hairy, his nose like that of bear, but squished back on his face (like a person with a flat nose).

Suddenly, I realize my family lives there. I panic and break into a run. On entering the house, I immediately set about looking for weapons. I am in the kitchen part of the house. My heart is racing as I desperately look for something that would kill this bear. All I find is broken eating utensils. I am thoroughly disgusted. I finally settle for a broken case knife.

I turn and my mom comes out in this light. She was not there before, and there is a light bulb on the ceiling near to where she is, but it is like she becomes visible in the light. She is disturbed by my behavior and asks: “What is going on?”

Another woman comes from the left of me from the area that is past the kitchen. She is Caucasian. She looks at me from her peripheral vision. She mumbles: “He (bear) is going to leave. I am going to get him out of here. We don’t want any trouble. I am going to get him and we are going to leave.” She truly does not want any trouble. I respond: “You better get him out of here because I am going to kill him.” She leaves out the door without him.

For some reason I am thinking the bear-man is so evil that her influence on him will be minimal. This bear-man is nefarious.

I go to the left where she came from. It goes to a hall and the hall is dark. I stop dead in my tracks and examine what is before me. It is the darkest darkness I had ever seen and it smelled like the worst cellar or basement, musty and vile. I know he had taken my middle brother into the darkness with him. I want to go into the darkness and rescue him. I thought to go in flailing the broken case knife, but then I thought I may accidentally kill my brother.

Out of the darkness comes this speeding, glittering object. It is spinning and stops at my face. It looks like one of those Ninja stars that is similar to a saw blade. It is spinning, but stationary. I cannot figure it out.

I hear a noise and go left again. On the floor is my younger brother and he is on the floor. His eyes are open and he is crying, but unable to move or speak. I become so totally broken when I see his condition. I feel some of my life leave me. I bend down and I am trying to get information from him, and help him. The beast-man appears and he has this evil grin on his face. The hair on his face is neatly combed back toward his ears and his nose is black and big like a bear. You would think he was a werewolf, but he is a beast-man.

He is overcome with joy at the suffering of my brother and my exhibition of grief. He has an aerosol can with a large red beaker. He sprays it and the mist lights on the inside of my left leg. It develops into something like cat scratches. Tiny droplets of blood formed. It made me itch. It was a chemical.

I heard the Holy Spirit whisper: “It is the Arabs.” My eyes were opened! My understanding!

In a little while I am bleeding badly. The flesh is dying and forming bubbles.

The scene changes and I go to a hospital. I am limping along. I then become distracted by three men in suits. They look to me like they are CIA or some other Intelligence Agency. I follow them and they know I am. They do not seem to care that I am trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. They just do not see me as a threat.

They stand at an elevator door, but instead of opening from the sides, the door swings out toward us and up. They disappear beneath it. I run over to the door and attempt to read the names above the door. There are four names. They are all in gold lettering. The second name has after it the word ‘forte.’ The last name begins with the letter ‘C.’ I try to squint and everything to see what their names are, but they remain a blur. In frustration I give up.

I turn, and when I do, I notice a staircase to my right. This woman comes walking down the steps. She lingers close to the bottom. She is slim and her left hand rests on the bannister. She is a woman of great influence and power. She asks if I would join her. I hold up my right hand as I am walking away and I say: “We have nothing in common.”

In my notes I have written that this building that was a hospital also served as a business (today medicine and government are merged).

The word ‘forte’ means stronger than strong. I used to work for a pharmacist and he explained it to me like this, iron supplements are strong, but if it is ‘forte,’ it means stronger. The second gold name on the door was a stronger one.

The bear-man represents the Arabs, by revelation. Not only that, but the beast kingdom in the end of days. Most want to think the bear represents Russia, but the ancient symbolism standard set by Daniel was Persia, which is Iran. Iran is populated with Shi’ites, as with Iraq. Saudi Arabia are Sunni along with Egypt and the Palestinians. They will be allies in the end of days to fulfill God’s purpose.

The Caucasian woman? She could represent their religion Islam, and it has minimal influence on the Arabs. Not sure.