“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Signs of Movement / Fearful Angels

July 25, 2021

Signs of Movement

Fearful Angels

This morning I had a dream of being in a library (repository of knowledge) and directly I had to use the bathroom (knowledge influences one to eliminate unacceptable behavior, or thought patterns, to repent and change).

While in the stall I heard three women come into the room. Two were daughters and one, by the sound of her voice, was the mother. They were unaware I was there also.

The conversation I heard was similar to this, the mother: “It is time for me to move on. I have to go. I must go now. It is time and I cannot stay. I do not want to stay here. I have done all I can and it is time to go. It is time for me to depart.”

The daughters are crying and they acknowledge they want to help her in passing, but it hurts deeply that her presence will not be here in this life anymore. So, they speak softly and lovingly to her.

I catch them by surprise when I open the stall. I am surprised by what I see too. The one daughter is on her knees, the other daughter is standing to the right of them both. The mother had morphed into a dog, a beautiful black dog. Its hair is long and has a shiny luster to it. Through the mouth of the dog, she is speaking to her daughters. She comes to me and is accepting of me. Animals in dreams can symbolize people, and in this scenario, she may represent the underdog. The underdog meaning a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a contest, or one who has little status in society. The Church has always been a competitor in the game of winning souls– against hell, the devil and his minions.

She morphs into a human and takes my hand; she says she is going to take me to another place. We take a few steps and the scene changes. We are still walking but I sense we are in the ancient past, some 2000 years ago. We are walking an incline up a hill that has rocks here and there and the earth is fresh dirt. She is tired in her body from having to have fought many battles, hindrances, spiritual wars, oppression, etc. I held great respect and admiration for her because she possessed an inner strength that was palpable. We make our way up the path and at the top is a decorative table. It reminded me of the Golden Altar of Incense in the Temple. It is embellished with gold and crafted with perfection. The table has a brilliance, and the four corners of it have rods that come up and support a canopy over it. It reminds me of a Chuppah that Jewish couples marry beneath. A carefully crafted golden valance goes around the whole top of it. It is exquisite looking. The design that wraps the bottom of it is the same design on the valances (the four corners represent the four corners of the earth, depicting YHVH’s sovereignty over all the earth).
Her hand still covers mine and she says she is going to give me something. A book appears, but instead of opening it right to left, it opens front to back. I think of some calendars that are like that, and at first, I thought it was a calendar. On the very front is a picture of her and her mentor is on it also; but he is sort of in the background and close to the seam of the book. She was youthful, and her voice was near the same, possessing a deeper vocal level. I pushed the button and her voice spoke of her youth and her mentor. Her mentor was YHVH. He was patience with her and helped her to navigate life, the spiritual realm, and she developed a deep discernment on matters. He was constantly with her. The rest of the book spoke of her involvement in the lives of others, those she helped along the way, those who experienced deliverances, salvation, peace, some prospered and moved on to advance the kingdom of YHVH. She had been all over the world helping others and being about her Father’s business. It all held great challenges, but she persevered. She is going to gift me with the book. I am happy to receive it.

She tells me she is now going to pray. I look over to my left, past her. I see some ancient ruins. I am guessing it must have been at one time a huge palace. The remnants of the floor tile still existed. It was hewn out of rock and along the top, about sixty feet up, was a frieze that went along the rock. There were some sculpted images of men in their ancient attire and they were in these ornate frames with heavy mold that encompassed the boxes that surrounded them.

I hear her praying. It is not loud or demanding, it is flowing up from the depths of her. She had not prayed very long, and totally unexpectedly, I see movement! It is like heaven is moved at her prayer, as if God is receiving her prayers. She is deep in prayer and is not aware of what her prayer is performing. It is a spiritual earthquake! The frieze along the stone wall moves from its place, as a whole piece! It then rolls like a ribbon, or a flag, in the wind. It moves as if flowing with a current of air. It is slow motion. I am spell bound. It was like seeing this frieze move, rolling, in water; kind of see it, kind of don’t. I was perplexed by what I was seeing and trying to understand it all. Then the men dressed in ancient attire in the frames, they became animated and swiftly drew swords, so quickly, my eyes could barely catch their movements. I am struck with terror, and my knees buckled when I realized they were angels! I am thinking they had been held in reserve for a few thousand years and now was the time for them to act at the word of the LORD. They had been silent, they held their estate, their position; but now was the time for them to go forth and perform His word. They were ready for war. They had fierce countenances, and total devotion to YHVH. They possessed the ability to cut down the enemy without feeling, and would never exhibit any kind of remorse. I am overwhelmed. I experienced a great diminishing of my strength. Who could stand against such a force and brag about it?! No one would survive!

The dream changes and I am at the library once more. I begin to speak to people about this woman whose existence changed the lives of others. They began to gather and some were saying they could discern the presence of God. No one had heard of her, yet she had been everywhere making a difference. The anointing that she possessed still permeated the atmosphere. I thought while the anointing was still available and fresh that we (with my husband) would continue to build on it.

We were able to muster a few people. We planned to continue to meet at the library. When I arrived for the first meeting, the librarian would not allow them in. I went in and they had the inner entrance blocked with a sofa. I asked what their problem was and she moved the sofa out of the way and the troupe entered.

The dream does not end here, but I chose to not include it; because the rest of it appears to have the next generation that desires to pass on this anointing to experience the same frustrations, battles, etc. It is the same with every ministry. I will end it here.

Notes: I am not quite certain what this dream may indicate. My sister-in-law, Penny, appears to think that grace is coming to an end. I do believe that many rebellious officials in high places are going to come under severe judgment; grace is ending for them. I am reminded of Egypt and the LORD’s feast of Pesach when the death angel came into Egypt and made a great slaughter. I am thinking we are travelling forward into some serious situations. What does it all include, though? I am not sure. In the meantime, I have been praying and pleading the BLOOD of Yeshua over us, and our families. I am keeping my mind stayed upon the LORD. We may see extremes in the next few months. We shall see.