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The Apostle John saw the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 as the two menorahs (lampstands) and two olive trees which represent the anointing of kingship and priesthood. The oil symbolizes the Spirit of God (advancement) and the menorah the light (the presence of the Word). The Two Prophets function as kings and priests before their arrival into the Messianic Age where all YHWH's bondservants function as kings and priests.

Resurrections and Earthquakes

In the Word there have been patterns of earthquakes associated with resurrections. At Yeshua's death was an earthquake and the dead were awakened. There was a great earthquake at His resurrection and the dead came forth from their tombs and went into the city of Jerusalem. Using His resurrection as a pattern and Ezekiel 37, the earthquakes in Revelation may reveal to us the resurrection and the return of King Yeshua.

The Resurrection

The first century Jews believed there being one resurrection at the last day. Yeshua informs Martha that He is the resurrection and the life, meaning He is eternal life. Eternal life is a Hebrew idiom meaning resurrection. Yeshua states that whoever dies in Him will live. Those who are able to receive Him already experience eternal life.

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