June 16, 2019

Meeting a Stranger

His (husband Quen) dream places us at an unknown river ministering to people. While there he meets a fellow. This fellow was hungry and Quen shared with him deer jerky that he had in his shirt pocket. The fellow thanks him. Directly he says to my husband: “I am going to do you a favor for helping me get by.” “Alright” replies Quen. The fellow goes on: “I am going to give you some information. Things are really going to change and not for the good. You need to make sure you protect you and the ones who love you. Tell them things are going to become really difficult. It is not too far off; I cannot give you a specific date. You need to understand that we can only try to help people by warning them. Just warn them and then it is up to them to decide what they need to do. It is not our burden from that point on. We have to protect ourselves.”

They walk together a short distance up a path. Quen tells him that he has more deer jerky and offers it to the stranger. The man replies: “No, you may want it.” Quen insists he take it because we had plenty. He explains that if he became hungry again to meet him at the same spot on the road, and he would feed him. The man said: “God bless you, son.” Quen became distracted by talking to someone and as he turned again toward the stranger, the man had suddenly disappeared.