In this dream I am with Randy and he is driving our old yellow truck to town. We stop at Burger Boy to eat. I jump out the truck and go inside. I see the menu up on the wall. The prices are spinning next to the different burgers, and the different sized drinks. It was like looking at the Wheel of Fortune game. The prices spinning are a blur. They stop once your order is completed.
There is an elderly woman in front of me and she places her order. I don’t really pay attention to the cost of her meal. She picks up her bag and moves past me. The prices return to spinning rapidly. I step up and order 2 burgers, 2 fries and two cokes. Once my order is placed the prices stop. The girl tells me it costs $100.00! I could not believe it, and it was all I had in my hand, a $100 dollar bill. I paid, picked up my bag and left.
I climb up in the truck and he asks how much I paid. He was in shock, but it was something we would have to accept.