May 27, 2019

My husband, Quen, dreamed he was out in a field working and cleaning around the fence line. A very large bird came to him, he said it looked like an eagle, and the eagle picked him up by the collar and spoke: “Come with me.” They flew to great heights. They arrived in Michigan and the eagle spoke: “Look down.” Quen saw chaos, people were looting buildings.

The eagle lifted him up and he was taken to the mid-west. He could see all the upper parts where the rivers are located. He said the rivers overflowed and devastated the areas near them.

Again, the eagle lifted him up and took him to the coast along Oregon and Washington. He saw enormous waves viciously attacking the rocks along the shore and was disturbed by how ferocious they were acting. After this the eagle took him to California. There he saw cracks so large in the ground that a person could fall within them and not get out. He thought these were formed from earthquakes.

From there he was taken to the Gulf and saw devastating cell storms moving toward Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Directly the eagle returned Quen to the place in the field where he picked him up and the last words spoken to him: “This is not the end of it.”