It is late and I go to bed. My husband awakens and said he had a dream of an earthquake. In his dream he does not know where he is but he is suspended in the air. He feels a vibration and sees the earth beginning to split open. He experiences this shaking in his being, a trembling and the earth opens up.

I fall to sleep after this and I see men and women who have ankle clasps, metal clasps around their ankles. There is a chain attached to both these ankle clasps. Their movements are restricted by these chains. I can sense some oppressiveness. Suddenly, these chains popped and they fell in half. Then I go through the dream again.

Interpretation: There is going to be an outpouring where men and women will have freed from those things that hold them back. This is for the saved and unsaved. The unsaved, the things that held them back from knowing Christ will be broken off.