August 24th 2005

This dream begins of my walking down a paved road. It was not steep.

Anyway, as I walking, I noticed to the left of me that the pavement was buckled up. I stopped to figure out how this could have happened because it had developed into a mound. I thought perhaps water had gotten underneath the pavement and caused it to swell up.

I continued to study this mound on the road for a long while. It began to look different to me. It was large in the middle and I thought of it as a hump on a camel. It was the color of the road. As I continued to examine it, all at once I saw an eye that blinked. Startled, I jumped, but I couldn’t run. It was like it was drowsily waking up. I saw its claws grip into the dry soil and make circular movements. Its features became more apparent by this time; it was a dragon. I freaked out like it was Godzilla.

Fear swept my whole being and I bolted to tell people that this dragon was coming to kill every one and they needed to hide from it, because this thing was cruel; it came to destroy.

I ran into the closest town and began to plead for every one there to hide. They were not moved by my tears or my pleas.

Note: This dream was concerning the Dragon in the book of Revelation. A dragon represents persecution. The dragon was on the road, representing the road of life. 2005 was the awakening of the dragon, of persecution.