March 15th, 2020

In I Corinthians 7 Paul makes peculiar statements concerning the unmarried should remain unmarried (celibate). If one is divorced, they, too, should remain unmarried. Why would it be of importance to address such matters?

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March 8th, 2020

I Corinthians 6:12, all things are lawful, is still explored plus discussing what Paul possibly meant when he said he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.

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March 1, 2020

The Messianic Synagogue that Paul established in Acts 18, is experiencing some moral failures, and some division. To understand some of the issues in I Corinthians we must begin to understand the culture at that time in Corinth.

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February 23rd

Shalom, shalom; peace, peace in the name of Yeshua. This is Crystal Sharpe and welcome to the Ancients Scrolls program. I mentioned

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February 16th

God allowed Israel to have a king. He chose Saul from the house of Kish. Saul's name means "ask for." He gave Israel what they asked for. God's remnant people have been praying and asking for salvation of the lost, restoration in families, deliverances, and finances. We are in the season where He is imparting His anointing on our prayers. We are in the season of change. Be encouraged.

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LORD of My Breakthrough

This is the year of breakthroughs for those who are intimate with God. 2 Samuel 5 is used to make some points connected to Baal-perazim, Lord of my breakthrough. The demonic realm is tenacious much like the Philistines coming against Israel; but the battle is yours, the enemy will be given in to your hand.

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Golgotha is Goliath’s Head

Shalom, Shalom: peace, peace in the name of Yeshua. This is Crystal Sharpe and welcome to the Ancient Scrolls program. Today I

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