Principalities New Hampshire

May 18, 2004 Principalities New Hampshire In 2003 Gene Robinson was the first openly gay clergyman to be elected an Episcopalian bishop.

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Nancy Pelosi

March 14, 2012 In this dream it is like I am in a place, it is dark. I then see Minority Leader

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Disrupted

January 1, 2007 In this dream several things went wrong in the nations, and the earth. The news media was reporting something

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February 7, 2007 This dream begins with my hearing heart-felt pain and at first, I thought it was one person. It was


America Bombed

October 17, 2001 I see before me in this dream, it is disturbing, apparently, missiles had made it into America. It was

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U.S. is Conquered

February 22, 2009 In this dream, I am taking an evening history class in Fayetteville. The instructor is young and new at

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1981 In this dream I am with Randy and he is driving our old yellow truck to town. We stop at Burger


U.S. Masada

August 13, 2011 This dream begins with a community of sorts, and there was at the center of it a community bathroom.

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August 14, 2011 I heard upon awakening this morning: “Come to eat at the marriage supper of the Lamb.” As the words