June 2, 2019 Judgments There were a couple of dreams. The first was about the transvestite/homosexual/actor RuPaul. I see him in the


Taxes Raised

October 2, 2019 Taxes Raised In this dream taxes were raised 11% on everything: federal, state, property, utilities, homes, vehicles, etc.

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Prophetic Word

March 14, 2020 Prophecy Tonight, by phone, Fran and I were praying about many things and the Lord burst forth in a

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Persecution, Trump in Office

Persecution, Trump in Office October 7, 2018 This person called me from California and told me her dream. The dream began with

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This is No Joke

January 3, 2019 This is from someone I speak with at least once or twice a month. The dream began with her

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Prophetic word

November 23, 2018 Prophetic word “I cannot bless a nation that is in pedophilia, child sacrifice and decadence. My judgments are here.

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Fly with an Eagle

May 27, 2019 My husband, Quen, dreamed he was out in a field working and cleaning around the fence line. A very

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Meeting a Stranger

June 16, 2019 Meeting a Stranger His (husband Quen) dream places us at an unknown river ministering to people. While there he

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Spiritual War

September 13, 2017 An acquaintance of mine, Sandy, posted on Facebook she had heard from the Lord: “A spiritual war is about

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