Bird of Prey

I had this dream just before I woke up at 8AM. It is vivid, surreal and may be understood as a

Bird of Prey2020-06-29T15:50:34+00:00

A New Police Force

May 7, 2020 Here I go again. Two weeks ago, I woke up from another prophetic dream of the end of

A New Police Force2020-06-09T13:35:16+00:00

Righteousness and Justice

May 29, 2020 This morning I awoke remembering a dream. In my sleep it was like my spirit was praying, as if

Righteousness and Justice2020-06-02T13:40:13+00:00

President Trump

May 27, 2020 This morning I remembered a dream of President Trump of having gone out on a boat to get away

President Trump2020-06-02T13:38:59+00:00

Axe is Laid at the Root

August 8, 2012 This dream begins with my living in an unfamiliar city. I am outside and near a brick building that

Axe is Laid at the Root2020-05-13T15:46:08+00:00

Muslim Beheadings

July 12, 2006 Muslim Beheadings   This dream opened up with my working at a store, and it reminded me of K-Mart.

Muslim Beheadings2020-05-11T15:38:20+00:00

Tsunami in Beckley

May 20, 2002 Tsunami in Beckley   This dream begins with my searching for a class I was taking at a fairly

Tsunami in Beckley2020-05-11T15:34:43+00:00

Yeshua Will Keep His Coming

April 4, 2002 Yeshua Will Keep His Coming   In this dream I am in a type of medical center. There are

Yeshua Will Keep His Coming2020-05-11T15:31:16+00:00

Earthquake in America

June 7, 2015 Earthquake in America   I heard in my sleep “Earthquake in America.” When I awoke, I thought perhaps I

Earthquake in America2020-05-11T15:25:52+00:00