Anarchy in the United States Dream

Anarchy in the United States Dream  April 8, 2022 George Gates In the dream I’m living in some other place besides the current apartment in which I live. I see a bunch of people, both men and women. Most of them are much younger than me. They are casually wandering around neighborhoods stirring up trouble […]

The Sword is Coming

I awoke remembering a dream. It began that my husband and I lived in house in another location. It was a two or three bedroom, two bathroom house. Out in the front yard, it was several feet away, was a tall fence, like a privacy fence with the wooden planks next to each other. There […]

Military Strikes on West Virginia

April 5, 2022Military Strikes on West Virginia This morning I awoke from a dream where I was in a class, others were there also. Class was over (we were taking several classes that day) and we went outside for a break. It was beautiful outside, not too hot, like a day in June. Over from […]

The Tabernacle/HaMishkan of Meridian

Word given on April 9, 2022  The Tabernacle/HaMishkan of Meridian Leisa Baysinger Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still.   Listen. Listen to Me. Listen. Be still. Be still. Be still. Be still.  I say to you, be quiet. Be quiet. Be quiet.  Listen to Me, Listen. Listen. Listen. […]

After 5G

This dream opened with Quen outside and in an unfamiliar location.  He heard a voice say: “Come, go with me.”  Quen asked: “Why?” The voice replied: “You will see.” Quen was removed from the earth and taken up in the atmosphere. He was stopped overhead at this auditorium. He could see through the structure and […]

Window and the Flame

November 22, 2021 This morning I remembered a dream where I was outside in an unfamiliar location, and the atmosphere was dreary and the grass not as green, like a typical November. I heard: “If you will come to Me and pray, I will leave the window open with a flame.” I sensed it was […]

Dream About the United States

November 14, 2021 George Gates I wanted to get this out ASAP before I start to forget parts of it. God may also add more to this as I allow the dream to incubate. This dream is not for the faint hearted so be careful who you share with unless you use tact. In this […]

Signs of Movement / Fearful Angels

July 25, 2021 Signs of Movement Fearful Angels This morning I had a dream of being in a library (repository of knowledge) and directly I had to use the bathroom (knowledge influences one to eliminate unacceptable behavior, or thought patterns, to repent and change). While in the stall I heard three women come into the […]

The Storm / Searching For My Belongings / Affliction

July 9, 2021 The Storm  Searching For My Belongings Affliction   I had a three-part dream this morning and I am not completely certain of how to interpret some of the symbolism.  In the first part I am back at my parents’ old house. My mother had dark blinds on the windows and they are […]

Love Letters to Israel/God’s son

April 26, 2021 Love Letters to Israel/God’s son This dream opens with me talking to my oldest son, Jacobi, and telling him how much I loved him. In this dream though, I was not his mother, nor was he my son. The information is, at some time in the past I had had a casual […]