“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Bird of Prey

June 28, 2020

I had this dream just before I woke up at 8AM. It is vivid, surreal and may be understood as a night vision.

It began with me in an unfamiliar city. I am in a plaza area, perhaps, I don’t know how else to describe it. It is situated below a structure, a business complex, but it has small trees planted in stone boxes and there are a few benches; two women are on a bench. One woman closest to me is Lois and she is a lesbian. I treat her with love and secretly pray within me that she will repent. I did not know the name of the other.

There is a new car that belongs to someone else and it was left behind for some reason. I think to somehow return it to whomever it belonged to, but night comes quickly and I am in the dark again. So, at first, I see clearly while driving, darkness descends and then only the park lights are on. On the four lane I struggle with the signal switch to find the knob to rotate and turn the lights on, but am unable to access the correct location of the lights. I am in a panic to locate it. Going off an exit I scratch the car on the concrete median.

Then I am in a high rise apartment, the top floor (lofty place, in the spiritual realm, perhaps). The apartment is amazingly spacious, and the floor plan is just an open area. There is no furniture. We had just arrived so there had not been time to makes purchases or move in. There are several huge windows (prophetic) that go around the room to the right and a door. I see the woman from earlier who is there and Lois also. I am speaking to them. There are lots of unfamiliar people. I am so hoping Lois (name meaning is desirable; Hebrew means ‘no husband’) will come to God for salvation and deliverance.

I hear the chattering, conversations of those in groups of three or four. To the right, the door is wide open (prophetic future), but it seems the door is more narrow than what I am used to seeing through.

I hear atmospheric disturbance, then I see numerous jets. The power of their thrust, the vibrations from them is felt. I am confused because there are so many of them. I see white jet trails all over the sky. We are stunned and no one is able to move.

They all maneuver to create battle positions. By this time, I am at the door looking out (close at hand, this is at the door). I feel great love for them (pilots), and a sense of admiration that they are brave people. I sense my love for the nation and its people. We all know this is not good what we are seeing. I recall there had been no breaking news on any imminent danger to our security. No news announcements. The Air Force had suddenly been scrambled. Suddenly everything changed.

Positions were taken, and I could see in the cockpit of one closest to us. The aerial view is magnificent from our position. The pilots were all in position waiting, scanning the horizon, and monitoring their systems. They all looked rather frightening, the jets, the sheer numbers of them and their might.

They were to the left of the open door. The sky was filled with them and obscured the sun. We all looked to the right and expected to see enemy jets. Instead, we saw other white trails, too many to count. At the front of the trails I see flying projectiles. It’s on! My heart is crushed, my life feels like it is leaving me.

Our jets did not even fire a missile. Every one of our jets were destroyed in an instant! I feel completely devastated! A great mourning came over me. I saw each plane explode in different shades of flame. Different parts of the jets were like projectiles and objects flying off with great velocity in all directions. We are eye level and it is dangerous to have all the flying debris coming from everywhere.

We are all numb and speechless by this unfolding and disastrous scene. Loss! Loss! Loss! We have lost!

The enemy jets are never seen. I sense that only one enemy jet did all this damage. It was not even in front of them but behind us. These missiles, some had curved around and some came face on at our jets. Finally, a woman says, and it is almost a whisper that comes to me: “It is their Raptor.” Note: Bird of prey. When she mentioned this, I searched my mind for information on having heard of on this type of jet being constructed by another nation. I knew of only our Air Force having this jet.

I was astonished that one jet completely wiped ours out! We were silent, and unable to move. Shock overwhelmed us. The enormity of it all, devastating, our air superiority vanquished. I screamed and wailed from the deepest depths in me. Everyone began to shriek and cry with uttermost despondency. I could hear the cries of those in the city coming up to our ears. “What shall we do” was on the hearts of many. End.

Note: This is a prophetic dream of a future event, and it is seen through the spiritual portal, the narrow door.

The car that was left behind. Deuteronomy 22: You shall not see your brother’s ox or his sheep going astray, and hide yourself from them; you shall certainly bring them back to your brother.

My returning something left behind is a fulfillment of the righteous act of returning items to the owner, neighbor. In my practice of doing good works, the night descends rather quickly. The evil works of darkness will overtake the time of light.

Lois is symbolic of the various perversions in America, and because of our unrepentance (I yearn for her to repent), we will face severe judgments. America has no husband—which is God. Because we do not have God as a husband, we will have no protection from the Raptor, the bird of prey. We will be vanquished. Now is the day, the opportunity is given to return to the Lord.