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September 27, 2020

Ancient Scrolls Online · 09 27 20 AncientScrolls September 27, 2020 summary: Teaching Beauty for Ashes Isaiah 61 Isaiah 61 is


September 20, 2020

Ancient Scrolls Online · 09 20 20 AncientScrolls Summary: In this segment I discuss a couple of dreams that serve


Nuclear Devices

Unsure of vision date; perhaps anywhere from 2000-2005 The author of this is Leonard Enniss. I asked his permission to post it


Storm is Coming

September 7, 2020 This dream begins that we are living in a small town. We lived in a one story home next


After the Election

August 29, 2020 After the Election Quen’s dream: It begins with a rug arriving to pick Quen up. It serves as his



April 2, 2003 This dream begins with me being outside. It looks like it is close to twilight. I see in


August 16, 2020

Ancient Scrolls Online · 08 16 20 AncientScrolls SUMMARY: The autumn feasts of the Lord are future fulfillments built upon


August 9, 2020

SUMMARY: Matthew 25 is Yeshua's teaching on Yom Teruah. The Parable of Abilities explains how Yeshua will judge people on their

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