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February 16th

God allowed Israel to have a king. He chose Saul from the house of Kish. Saul's name means "ask for." He gave Israel what they asked for. God's remnant people have been praying and asking for salvation of the lost, restoration in families, deliverances, and finances. We are in the season where He is imparting His anointing on our prayers. We are in the season of change. Be encouraged.

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LORD of My Breakthrough

This is the year of breakthroughs for those who are intimate with God. 2 Samuel 5 is used to make some points connected to Baal-perazim, Lord of my breakthrough. The demonic realm is tenacious much like the Philistines coming against Israel; but the battle is yours, the enemy will be given in to your hand.

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Golgotha is Goliath’s Head

Shalom, Shalom: peace, peace in the name of Yeshua. This is Crystal Sharpe and welcome to the Ancient Scrolls program. Today I

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Age of Yeshua at His death

The gospel of John gives us some details on the length of Yeshua's ministry. By using the number of Passovers John recorded, we can calculate the length of Yeshua's ministry and quite possibly His age.

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No Crib for a Bed

Was Yeshua possibly born in a barn or a cave? Houses in the first century were constructed to accommodate their animals on the lower level of the home. By using the 1395 edition of Wycliffe's translation of the Greek manuscripts, and examining the Greek words used for inn, we are able to better understand what occurred on the night of Yeshua's birth.

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Luke 2

The males of Israel were required to attend three of the Lord's feasts: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. Yeshua was sent to fulfill the feasts of the Lord. He died at Passover, later ascended and the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost and this left Tabernacles unfulfilled. There is some historical evidence that Yeshua could have been born in the year 2BC, and Luke 2 captures the possibility of Yeshua having already been 12 years old by the time of Passover.

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Migdal Eder, Season of Yeshua’s Birth

Imaginative stories of Yeshua being swaddled in the garments of priests are sweet and endearing; but are not factual, as is His being birthed at Migdal-Eder with the lambs at Passover. We will examine what the Mishnah and other sources say concerning livestock and the garments of the priests.

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Which Lord’s Feast Was Yeshua Born?

Though we live in a world of information trafficking, archeology, ancient sites, and unearthed ancient manuscripts that cause many historians to rethink history, with all these things at our disposal; no one knows with certainty the timing of Yeshua's birth, nor the exact location in Bethlehem. We will go over some of the history of Christmas and take a look at the proposal of Him being born at the Lord's feast of Passover.

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Revelation 16, Seventh Angel, Resurrection, Babylon Falls

I propose that at the great earthquake in Revelation 16:18 is the resurrection; following the patterns of resurrections at earthquakes. Paul states in I Thessalonians 4:13 to chapter 5:4, they are not ignorant of the season of the resurrection but that it is at the Day of the LORD.

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